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65.000 €

Classic Mahogany Dragon

Classic Mahogany Dragon - 1958


Year of construction: 1958

Name of shipyard: Wilenius Boatyard in Porvoo, Finland.

Architect: Johan Anker Material: Mahogany

Location: Helsinki, Finland.

Mast: 2001, strengthened twice by Pettigrew’s standards 2016.

Sails: North Sails 2012, 2 main, 3 genoas, 4 spin as well as other sails.

Trailer: Thule. Legal & inspected. Custom fixed for dragon sailboat, in steel, double axle, with brakes and lights. Weight 550 kg.

Extras: Anchor, mooring lines, fenders (Pettigrew), covers, mast support, compass, electric bilge pump, paddles, buckets and spares.

Description: A fast and competitive racing boat. Her extra long waterline makes her very fast. She is a top performer in all races of the Finnish Dragon season. She is in perfect condition after two recent major renovations. Totally renovated inside and out by Chris Winter in 2013 to bring her in line with latest sail racing handling systems. The deck and inside of cockpit area and mast is extra strengthened and redone by excellent mahogany craftsmanship in 2016 in Estonia. Price: 65.000 €

Previous ownership:

1958 Caricia Olav Ulfves NJK

1967 Caren Robert Gylling ESF, NJK

1973 Gambina J. Oksanen HSK

1973 Shamaani Olli Saloranta

1980 Sidi R. Olander HTPS

1981 Karen Erkki Hintsanen HPS

1992 Karen Timo Pajunen & S. Sivaro SPS

1997 Karen Timo Vennonen NVK

1998 Ronja Ronja Roos, Anja Boxberg HSS

2000 Ronnie Roos HSS

2001 Anniina Martti Uusitalo NJK

2014 Karen Catharina Gylling NJK

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